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The woman sitting next to me leaned over to look out the airplane window at the ocean below.

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That is because this old historic city offers so much. There is literally something for everyone: beautiful views great for photographersarchitecture, restaurantsart, museumsshopping, history, sculpturespeople-watching, music, dancebars and nightclubs. But, to get the most out of a visit to Old San Juan, it is best to follow a self guided walking tour like ours! You will be walking around an old city in the tropics — it is very hot and usually humid.

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Also applicable are those who have lived at least one year in Puerto Rico and are an American citizen.

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Since then, the government has granted Puerto Rican citizenship to anyone born in Puerto Rico and to people who have at least one parent who was born in Puerto Rico. It is in a weird political and territorial limbo. While often referred to as a single island, Puerto Rico is an archipelago. You can tour La Fortaleza for free with a reservation.

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Caparra was abandoned between andand the capital was moved to what is now Old San Juan. Still, the Arecibo Observatory is so big that the single dish was deed nestled between the mountains of Arecibo. In addition to those, there are dozens of beautiful uninhabited islands and cays that are perfect for a relaxing day trip.

There is no more radiation, and the reactor is entombed in concrete, but visiting it is a hit and miss as the museum opens sporadically. Lucky enough, three of them are in Puerto Rico.

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Predators, like the tarantula, anticipate this behavior and lay in wait for the frogs or climb to their spot. Such cobblestones were used to pave the streets of Old San Juan, beginning in These cobblestones were made using iron slag, the waste from smelting iron. Ramirez de Ferrer v. Juan Ponce de Leon is remembered for being one of the first explorers of the New World. Its main three islands are Puerto Rico, Culebra, and Vieques, which are the only inhabited islands.

This scientific hub and technological marvel is used in three major areas of research: atmospheric science, radio astronomy, and radar astronomy. The 28, acres of tropical palms and dense foliage that make El Yunque feel like a primitive landscape that has remained virtually unchanged for millennia. In other words, it helps monitor asteroids in space to determine if any comes too close to Earth. These records have been broken since then. To this day, it is the oldest executive mansion in continuous use in the Americas.

Experts believe there are still another caves yet to be explored! You must try the Mofongo, which is the unofficial cuisine staple, and the national dish, Arroz con Gandules. To put it in comparison, Puerto Rico is roughly the size of Connecticut.

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This image above is from The Natural History of Dogs by Charles Hamilton-Smith and William Jardine, which depicts the Alco dog lefta breed of small, barkless dog that lived on the island before the arrival of Columbus. It served as a nuclear testing facility from when it was built until — when it was decommissioned.

You can go hiking its many trails, dip in its refreshing waterfalls, enjoy its birds and flora, and get stunning views of the island from its many viewpoints.

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Thanks to this discovery, he became one of the richest men in the New World. Only that chihuahuas are definitely NOT mute! El Yunque Rainforest is one of the most famous sights in Puerto Rico. You can taste the Flavors of Old San Juan on this highly recommended tour. Here are 34 fun and interesting facts about Puerto Rico that you might not know.

Completely submerged for the entire journey, it established the record for the longest time underwater, the longest single submarine trip in history, and the highest sustained speed. While no longer the largest in the world and it is still being debated whether it will be repaired or dismantledit has a place in pop culture after being featured in several films like Contact and Goldeneye.

The cathedral structure has had several rede interventions, with the latest being in San Juan Cathedral also has a few surprising secrets not many know about….

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A bio bay is a fragile and rare ecosystem that allows tiny dinoflagellates to develop and glow when the water is disturbed. The frogs are a beloved unofficial symbol of Puerto Rico. He spent a total of two days here, claimed it as a colony of Spain, and never returned. But it is not.

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But, that changed in the s when Spain started using cobblestones as ballast on their ships coming from Europe. InPope Leo X declared Puerto Rico the first ecclesiastical headquarters in the New World, thus turning Puerto Rico into the general headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition — one of the most infamous and barbaric events done by the Catholic Church. Bioluminescence can be found in many places all over the world, but there are only five bioluminescent bays in the world.


The Alco is now extinct, but based on its description, some associate it as the ancestor of the chihuahua. The rainforest receives over inches of rain every year, and it can rain up to days a year. The iguanas on Mona, known as the Mona Iguana, are a subspecies found nowhere else on earth, adding to the uniqueness of the ecosystem found on the island.

The Cavernas del Rio Camuy is the third largest cave network in the world deed by water and the largest in the Western Hemisphere.

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It is said they were excellent companions, and ladies also kept them as lap dogs due to their small size. Puerto Rico is located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea. Even though Puerto Rico has only 5, square miles 9, sq kmit is home to roughly 3. Infollowing the suggestion of William H. However, and Spain rejected the offer. In the coming years, traders and other maritime visitors began to refer to the entire island as Puerto Rico since the gold could be found in many of its rivers and streams. Voting for the president is limited to the 50 states.

But, different from those states, the year-round temperatures in Puerto Rico vary between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Regarding Miss Universe, Puerto Rico has won the title five times! He led an expedition to Puerto Rico inwhere he discovered gold.

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While ships navigated from Puerto Rico to Spain heavy and full of wealth, they often returned to the island mostly empty — thus very unstable in high winds. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth governed by the United States and is therefore not a sovereign state. Most of the blue cobblestone streets have been replaced, but you can still see originals on Calle Del Cristo and a few others. Puerto Rico might be a small island, but a large part of its northern and central regions hide a vast network of over subterranean caves stretching acres.

Tropical weather! Being the main port in Puerto Rico, San Juan served as the funnel from where all the riches were exported to Spain. Yeah, every day!

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The Catholic Church played an essential role in the history and development of Puerto Rico since the early s. He discovered Florida and claimed it for Spain while searching for the Fountain of Youth — which is said to restore youth and vitality to those who drink its waters. John the Baptist. Puerto Rico has a strong cultural identity, which is why many people around the world, including in the US, think that Puerto Rico is a country.

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This is why Puerto Ricans are also known as Boricuas! With lo of stunning beaches and year-round sunshine, Puerto Rico is a small Caribbean island that draws visitors from far and wide.

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It takes two to three days to visit it, so you must camp there. Also, Puerto Rico does not have a vote in the U. Yes, Puerto Ricans can have two citizenships, even though they are citizens of one country. You can enjoy over ten miles of mapped trails within the caves, with difficulties ranging from a leisure stroll to challenging hikes. It is famous for its baby blue and white mix of Classical Revival architecture and Spanish Colonial castle. The radiotelescope visitor center is currently closed, but you can learn more about it on their web and take a virtual tour to see and learn more about the dish.

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S state. BONUS is considered as the precursor to modern nuclear facilities we still see in use these days. The name also referred to the Great Spirit or Creator. Yes, no poisonous snakes or any big wildlife.