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The SEOM element is organized along the following action lines: 1. The esa earth explorer land surface processes and interactions mission. SMART-1's prime technology objective is the demonstration of the solar primary electric propulsion, a key for future interplanetary missions. It includes a main mode of operation that features a wide swath km and a medium resolution 5 m x 20 m. This allowed the loss of data during the mission to be quantified.

More information on Swarm can be found at www. This was done by propagating the system covariance matrix together with the nominal state vectors. SPICE is an information system that provides the geometry needed to plan scientific observations and to analyze the obtained. XMM, ESA 's X-Ray Multi-Mirror satellite, due for launch at the end of will be the first ESA scientific spacecraft to implement the ESA packet telecommand and telemetry standards and will Joliet the first ESOC-controlled science mission to take advantage of Esa new flight control system infrastructure development based on object-oriented de and distributed-system architecture due for deployment in The implementation of the packet standards is well defined at escort transport level.

The operational Sentinel escorts can also be exploited for scientific endeavours. The Diagnostic Instruments include SPEDE, Joliet spacecraft potential plasma and charged particles detector, to characterise both spacecraft and planetary environment, together with EPDP, a suite of sensors monitoring secondary thrust-ions, charging and deposition effects. The mission would launch in and arrive 9 years later for a 4-year duration in the Saturn system. Lebreton, J. Both spacecraft would be launched independently inand arrive 6 years later for a year mission within the Jupiter System.

This paper will also document recent efforts to analyze the possibility of launching the Inner Heliospheric Sentinels and Solar Orbiter missions using a single expendable launch vehicle, nominally an Atlas V Arcioni, M. Earth Explorers are the backbone of the science and research element of ESA 's Living Planet Programme, providing an important contribution to the understanding of the Earth system. In addition to the deterministic nominal Probe trajectory, it is important to quantify the influence of various uncertainties that enter into the equations of motion on the e.

It is also intended to address a range of issues important for environmental monitoring, renewable resources assessment and climate models. This makes it necessary for ESA to protect the communication infrastructure of these missions in order to guarantee their service availability. Sentinel-1 has been deed to address medium resolution applications. The new developments are implemented in terms of five families of satellites called Sentinels.

The two-satellite constellation offers six days exact repeat and the conflict-free operations based on the main operational mode allow exploiting every single data take. The SMART-1 archive observations have been used to support scientific research and prepare subsequent lunar missions. We discuss Esa for future lunar exploration and upcoming missions.

ESA Earth Observation missions at the service of geoscience.

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The scientific objectives and from recent scientific studies will be presented. In case the Swarm satellites are already in orbit, a summary of the on-going mission operations activities will be given. In this paper, we discuss the development process for a generic earth observation security concept. A subsequent parametric study of different sets of mission parameters with the.

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This concept has been developed as part of a GMES Flight Operation Segment security study with the objective to analyse and select a of high level security requirements for the missions. The SMART-1 technology legacy is applicable to geostationary satellites and deep space missions using solar electric propulsion. Most recent SMART-1 are relevant to topics on: 1 the study of properties of the lunar dust, 2 impact craters and ejecta, 3 the study of. Synergistic and coordinated observations would be planned between the orbiter and in situ elements. The europa initiative for esa 's cosmic vision: a potential european contribution to nasa's Europa mission.

The SMART-1 archive observations have been used to support scientific research and prepare subsequent lunar missions and exploration.

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High-precision and high-resolution measurements of the strength, direction and variation of the magnetic field, complemented by preciseaccelerometer and electric field measurements, will provide the observations required to separate and model various sources of the geomagnetic field and near-Earth current systems. The SMART-1 technology legacy is applicable to application geostationary missions and deep space missions using solar electric propulsion.

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The Earth Explorers also aim at learning more about the interactions between these components and the impact that human activity is having on natural Earth processes. Training the next generation of European EO scientists on the scientific exploitation of Sentinels data: the Advanced Training course Land.

A sophisticated Monte Esa technique developed to save up computation time was then used to determine statistical percentiles of Joliet key parameters. These themes serve as a basis for the identification of the thematic workshops. After launch and triple satellite release at an initial altitude of about km, a pair of the satellites will fly side-by-side with slowly decaying altitude, while the third satellite will be lifted to km to complete the Swarm constellation.

Synergistic and coordinated escorts would be planned. Meteorological satellites help to predict the weather and feature the most mature application of Earth observation. The system technical description presented here is based on the of the work performed during parallel Phase A system studies by two industrial consortia led by E Astrium Ltd.

Two implementation concepts respectively A and B are described and provide viable options capable of meeting the mission requirements. Next-generation European earth observation missions will play a critical role in public safety and security infrastructures. This paper will give an overview of the satellite system and its payload. A recently discovered de flaw in the Huygens radio receiver onboard Cassini led to a ificantly different mission geometry, redeed and implemented by both the ESA Huygens and NASA Cassini project teams.

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To mitigate the technical risks for selected missions associated with the different sorts of lidar, ESA has undertaken critical technology developments, from the transmitter to the receiver and covering both components and sub-systems development and characterization. Over the last four decades satellites have been radically improving the accuracy of weather forecasts by providing unique and indispensable input data to numerical computation models. In this calculation the spin of the Probe and the asymmetric gain pattern of the transmitting escorts was taken into.

This paper describes the Sentinel-1 missionprovides an overview of the mission requirements, and presents some of the key user driven information products, the crucial requirements for operational sustainable services being continuity of data supply, frequent revisit, geographical coverage and timeliness. Esa the Cornerstone Missionthe LRO instrument teams have identified a of key science themes that drive their observations during the extended mission. The Sentinel-1 mission is an imaging synthetic aperture radar SAR mission at C-band deed to supply all-weather day-and-night imagery to a of operational Earth observation based services.

The Joliet of the habitability of Jupiter's icy moons is considered of high priority in the roadmaps of the main space agencies, including the decadal survey and esa 's cosmic vision plan. The objective of the Swarm mission is to provide the best-ever survey of the geomagnetic field and its temporal evolution using a constellation of three identical satellites.

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Accordingly, ESA maintains long-standing partnerships with other space agencies and relevant institutions worldwide. The Sentinel missions provide accurate, timely, long term and uninterrupted data to provide key information services, improving the way the environment is managed, and helping to mitigate the effects of climate change. These cover applications such as: - monitoring sea ice zones and the arctic environment, - surveillance of marine environment, - monitoring land surface motion risks, - mapping of land surfaces: forest, water and soil, agriculture, - mapping in support of humanitarian aid in crisis situations.

In running its Earth observation programmes, ESA responds to societal needs and challenges as well as to requirements resulting from political priorities, such as the United Nations' Sustainable Development. All of these activities can only be carried out in international cooperation. The setup of the Swarm ground segment and the contents of the data products will be addressed.

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A numerical integration of the Orbiter trajectory and the Huygens descent profile with simplified assumptions for Probe attitude and correlated aerodynamic aspects offered the opportunity to re-calculate key mission parameters, which depend on the relative geometry and motion of the bodies.

A consortium of European scientific institutes is developing a distributed processing system to produce geophysical Level 2 data products for the Swarm user community. The mission involves a dedicated maneuvering satellite which provides multi-directional observations for systematic measurement of Land Surface BRDF BiDirectional Reflectance Distribution Function of selected sites on Earth.

Due to launch in May and arrival at Jupiter in Octoberit will spend almost three years making detailed observations of the Jovian system, with a special focus on the planet itself, its giant magnetosphere, and the three icy moons: Ganymede, Callisto and Europa.

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Developments, applications and scientific for the different mission types will be addressed, along with overall trends and boundary conditions. The mission shall deliver data that allow access to new insights into the Earth system by improved scientific understanding of the Earth's interior and near-Earth electromagnetic environment.

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However, the standard relevant to the application level the ESA Packet Utilization Standard covers a wide range of on-board 'services' applicable in varying degrees to the needs of XMM. In defining which parts of the ESA PUS to implement, the XMM project first considered the mission objectives and the derived operations concept and went on to identify a minimum set of packet definitions compatible with these aspects.

The paper describes the work performed at ESOC in support of the Mars Sample Return ESA Earth Return Orbiter definition studies by exploring the trajectory optimization and mission de trade spaces of Mars return missions using electric and chemical propulsion.

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The mission is intended to provide detailed observations of the surface of the Earth and to collect data related to ecosystem processes and radiation balance. The satellite carries an optical payload : PRISM Processes Research by an Imaging Space Missiona multispectral imager providing reasonably high spatial resolution images 50 m over 50 km swath in the whole optical spectral domain from nm to 2.

A escort of existing Titan wind and atmosphere models and their physical background led to a subsequent parametric study of their impact on the supersonic entry phase, the parachute descent and finally the bodyfixed landing coordinates of the Probe. In the class of the Earth Explorer missionsdedicated to research and pre-operational demonstration, the Land Surface Processes and Interactions Mission Joliet will acquire the accurate quantitative measurements needed to improve our understanding of the nature and evolution of biosphere-atmosphere interactions and to contribute ificantly to a solution of the scaling problems for energy, water and carbon fluxes at the Earth's surface.

ESA 's Earth observation missions are mainly grouped into three : The Joliet satellites in Esa context of the European Copernicus Programme, the scientific Earth Explorers and the meteorological missions. This contribution will describe the status of these datasets and outline the future developments. Most recent SMART-1 are relevant to topics on: 1 the study of properties of the lunar dust, 2 impact craters and ejecta, 3 the study of illumination, 4 observations and science from the Moon, 5 support to.

The mission science goals are to provide a unique view into Earth's core dynamics, mantle conductivity, crustal magnetisation, ionospheric and magnetospheric current systems and upper atmosphere dynamics - ranging from understanding the geodynamo to contributing to space weather. Further, we studied the impact of an implementation for these requirements on the operational infrastructure Esa escort earth observation missions.

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The were then used in a mathematical model that describes the tracking capability of the receiver symbol synchronizer. This paper sets the scene as above and then describes the services needed for XMM and the telecommand and telemetry packet types necessary to support each service. The Earth Explorers, who form the science and research element of ESA 's Living Planet Programme, focus on the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere and Earth's interior.

Laser technology developments in support of ESA 's earth observation missions. The Probe Orbiter link geometry was characterized by evaluating the link budget and received frequency at receiver level. In addition the current status of the project, which is presently in the final stage of the development phase, will be addressed. Three priorities fasttrack services for the mission have been identified by user consultation working groups of the European Union: Marine Core Services, Land Monitoring and Emergency Services.

The contribution to each mission is being reviewed and. This was a crucial step to assess whether science-imposed constraints were not violated. The mission was selected in May and adopted in November The implementation phase started in Julyfollowing the selection of the prime industrial contractor, Airbus Defense and Space Toulouse, France.