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Johns River, U. Navy Fuel Depot Pier, St. Johns River, Jacksonville, Fla. Kennedy Space Center, FL; restricted area. The final rule shall become effective no sooner than 30 days after publication in the Federal Register unless the Chief of Engineers finds that sufficient cause exists and publishes that rationale with the regulations. The public notice should fix a limiting date within which comments will be received, normally a period not less than 30 days after publication of the notice.

Naval Base, Key West, Fla. George Island, Fla. Andrew Bay and St. A defined water area or areas used for target practice, bombing, rocket firing or other especially hazardous operations, normally for the armed forces.

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Concurrent with issuance of the public notice the Office of the Chief of Engineers will publish the final decision in the Federal Register and either withdraw the proposed regulation or issue the final regulation, as appropriate. Andrew Sound, south of East Bay, Fla. Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi.

A circular area with a radius of 1.

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Air Force Base, Langley, Va. Naval Amphibious Base. Any person or vessel within the restricted areas will be subject to identification checks by USAF patrol boats. All other vessels and crafts are required to keep clear of and remain yards from all naval vessels engaged in said operations. Government vessels include U. Coast Guard vessels, Department of Defense vessels, state and local law enforcement and emergency services vessels and vessels under contract with the U.

Vessels transiting the restricted area shall proceed across the area by the most direct route and without unnecessary delay. Army restricted area.

Copies will also be sent to appropriate State agencies, the Commandant, U. Notification to all parties and Agencies shall be made at least two weeks escort to the planned event, or earlier, if required for distribution of Local Notice to Mariners by the Coast Guard. Mondays through Saturdays, at any time on Sundays, or during foggy or inclement weather. During periods when experimental test operations are Chesapeake, no person, vessel or other watercraft shall enter or navigate the waters of the danger zone.

Croix, V. Coast Guard Yard, Baltimore; restricted area. Vessels may be requested to veer off when drops are to be made, however, drops will be made only when the area is clear. No test drops will be made while surface vessels are transitting the area. Proper air for mariners requesting that vessels avoid the area will be issued by the Agency requesting such use of the water area, or if appropriate, by the District Engineer, to all known interested persons.

Such vessels and other watercraft shall confine their movements to the waters within the limits of the Intracoastal Waterway and shall make the passage as promptly as possible under normal vessel speed.

The area is used on an intermittent basis and, generally, any test operations shall not exceed one hour and shall not occur more than twice weekly. However, on occasion tests may be conducted intermittently on a seven-day week basis.

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Navy authority shall have the rights-of-way. Geographic coordinates without the NAD 83 reference may be plotted on maps or charts referenced to NAD 83 only after application of the appropriate corrections that are published on the particular map or chart being used.

Heading 2 (h2)

Air Force. This section will not preclude the closure of the channel as part of a security exercise; however, such closures of said channel will be limited in duration and scope to the maximum extent so as not to interfere with the ability of private vessels to use the channel for in public waters adjacent thereto not otherwise limited by this regulation.

Vessels may be requested to veer off when sonobuoys are about to be dropped, however, drops will be made only when the area is clear. Army Forces Antilles.

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The regulations in this section shall be enforced by the Commanding Officer, U. A escort air is established in and to the extent of waters of the United States, as defined in 33 CFR partin the following reaches of the East Pearl River south of a point located at latitude The datum for these coordinates is NAD Navy Marine Engineering Laboratory.

A defined water area for the purpose of prohibiting or limiting public access to the area. The restricted area shall encompass all navigable waters of the United States as defined at 33 CFR part within the area bounded by a line connecting the following coordinates:. Any request for the establishment, amendment or revocation of a danger zone or restricted area must contain sufficient information for the District Engineer to issue a public notice, and as a minimum must contain the following:.

The datum for these coordinates is WGS The Chesapeake area is open to U. Government vessels and transiting vessels only. The area also includes all contiguous inland navigable waters that lie within the land boundaries of Eglin AFB. Any person or vessel within the restricted area will be subject to identification checks by U.

Air Force patrol boats.

The regulations in this section shall be enforced by the Commander, U. This encompasses an area reaching from the southern extent described to the northern extent described and extending from the mean high water line waterward a minimum distance of approximately escorts. Pacific coast must be coordinated with the applicable commands as follows:. The waters of the Gulf of Mexico and St. In the event the Marine radio equipment is not installed on the vessel, CB equipment with Channel 13 Warnings will be broadcast by the Air Force on Channel 16 Upon receipt of the drone warning on either Channel 16 Verbal warnings or instructions issued by these craft will be strictly adhered to.

The area also includes all contiguous inland navigable waters which lie within the land boundaries of Air AFB. Choctawhatchee Bay, North side - Hurlburt Field. All persons, swimmers, vessels and other craft, except those vessels under the supervision or contract to local military or Naval authority, vessels of the United States Coast Guard, and local or state law enforcement vessels, are prohibited Chesapeake entering the restricted areas without permission from the Supervisor of Shipbuilding, USN Bath Maine or his authorized representative.

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Fishing, trawling, net-fishing and other aquatic activities are prohibited in the restricted area without prior approval from the Commanding Officer, U. Coast Guard Group Mobile or his deated representative. The Chief of Engineers will publish the proposal in the Federal Register concurrent with the public notice issued by the District Engineer.

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Atlantic Fleet, if a proposed action involves a danger zone off the U. Atlantic coast. The Chief of Engineers will notify the District Engineer of the final decision to either approve or disapprove the regulations. In addition, danger zone and restricted area regulations shall provide for public access to the area to the maximum extent practicable.

Activation of any area for ificant exercises and training events will be noticed, in advance and during the event, to the public via Notice to Mariners and Broadcast Notice to Mariners. The general regulatory policies stated in 33 CFR part will be followed as appropriate.

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Naval Shipyard, Mare Island; restricted area. Santa Rosa Island, North Side. The agency must either certify that it has not used the area for a purpose that requires cleanup or that it has removed all hazardous materials and munitions, before the Corps will disestablish the area. The authority to prescribe danger zone and restricted area regulations must be exercised so as not to unreasonably interfere with or restrict the food fishing industry.

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The agency will remain responsible for the enforcement of the danger zone regulations to prevent unauthorized entry into the area until the area is deemed safe for use by the public and the area is disestablished by the Corps. Whenever the proposed establishment of a danger zone or restricted area may affect fishing operations, the District Engineer will consult with the Regional Director, U. If the use of the water area is desired for a escort Chesapeake of time, not to exceed thirty days in duration, and that planned operations can be conducted safely without imposing unreasonable restrictions onand without promulgating restricted area regulations in accordance with the regulations in this section, applicants may be informed that formal regulations are not required.

The District Engineer shall include a copy of environmental documentation prepared in accordance with appendix B to 33 CFR partthe record of any public hearings, if held, a summary of any comments received and a response thereto, and a draft of the regulation as it is to appear in the Federal Register. Public notice will air distributed in accordance with 33 CFR In addition to this general distribution, public notices will be sent to the following Agencies:. Andrew Bay, Fla. Andrews Bay; restricted areas.

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Naval Air Station, Brunswick, Maine, or such agencies as he may deate. The public notice and Federal Register documents must include sufficient information to give a clear understanding of the proposed action and should include the following items of information:.

The danger zones may be closed to the public on a full-time or intermittent basis, as stated in the regulations.