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Although our physical buildings are closed to the public as an effort to ensure the highest safety for our police officers and APD personnel, as well as decrease the chances for the spread of COVID within our community, law enforcement is still functioning as normal. Officers continue to respond to calls for service, conduct proactive patrol efforts, and assist the community.

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The Asheville Police Department has launched a new online police blotter where they will post the photos of individuals arrested on prostitution charges.

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While I support local law enforcement and applaud the APD in tackling some very tough issues these days I totally disagree with you and the APD on this shaming approach. Jason Sandford February 6, Jason Sandford Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

Have you ever thought of how these actions might hurt and individuals ability to one day get their life back together and become a productive law abiding citizen? I am with Skippy, however, on questioning the posting of mugshots of those charged but not convicted. In a related effort, the Asheville Police Department has begun sending cards to the home addresses of vehicles whose drivers are seen appearing to solicit prostitution.

From their site:. I country is not Turkey or Iran where a person is guilty until proven innocent. I really think these efforts by the APD are on the fringe of trampling on an individuals rights and I think down the road the APD and the City of Asheville maybe creating a polis liability for taxpayers as in the form of a lawsuit because down the road I really believe someone who is found innocent will indeed sue and win.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I could not find my daughter for weeks and I found her on back. Also the mailing of cards to homes of people whose plates have been recorded driving through the areas, have you considered the conflicts and strife you may actually be causing in family homes in the area, even for the innocent individuals?

To me, there are escort things than someone wanting to pay for sex. I question the necessity of this; it seems disproportionate to the charge. The words and pictures below were originally posted to social media, mostly …. Thanks for the response and the details, Melissa. But we all know that every person the police arrest is not guilty the initial Mary Judd murder suspects, anyone?

The johns and hookers would run more risk of the whole community finding out if their arrests were listed in the Citizen-Times. Two adults one paying for sex and the other giving. Ash February 6, Day Later February 6, And a Asheville the paper will bring you Thursday. But understand most of these young woman are someones child and their parent cant find them.

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Ash, no lie, one of the women on there lives in my neighborhood. COM is a local news and entertainment website serving the city and the people of Asheville, N. Ashvegas is a hyper-local independent news site owned and operated by its founder, Jason Sandford. Next Article. Regardless, I think the APD should worry more about crimes that pose greater harm to the general public.

The Asheville Police Department now has a on its web site featuring the mug shots and names of some of the suspects in a recent prostitution sting. Explore Ashvegas.

In fact, the arrest reports on the Citizen-Times website are located right alongside the everyday community news. I have been on a sting, and there is no mistaking it when a man drives up — one had his kid in the car — and says he wants a blowjob for 20 bucks.

According to sodomylaws. Hello, Asheville! Recent arrest information will be updated monthly.

The city you love. the news you want!

To me the question is an ethical one: just because you have the legal right to broadcast a mug shot, is it ethically right to ruin the life of someone who might not be guilty of anything? These are individuals arrested in actual operations, who were recorded making the deal for prostitution. This woman gets kids using herion ,keeps them moving from hotel to hotel for old men to abuse them, most of these girls are very young the pain a parent lives looking for their loved child is tremendous and heart renching.

All Rights Reserved. Seems a bit archaic.

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Please I am a mother in great pain looking for help stopping her. Glad the APD is getting these people off the streets, especially the ones roaming my neighborhood!!!

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People have to go looking for these webs. Learn how your comment data is processed. The current actions by APD which you seem to be supporting will probably more then likely hinder a persons ability if not halt it to one day gain legal meaningful emplyment, etc.

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Still, assuming someone is truly innocent, and got caught up in this shit somehow… how would they go about normal life in this small town, or even worse, in an even smaller town? Bill in Ash Vegas February 8, Seems kind of extreme to me, and I am betting some court will stop it. Some people seem to think that the APD arrests web is very different from a name appearing in the newspaper in an arrest report, I disagree.

Yes, arrests and mug shots are public record, but the opportunity for someone to go downtown and look up that information is far different from broadcasting or printing it for general public consumption. Still, why slap this guy with a different charge just because of gender? These are young girls being exploited by others for profit,no matter the age they are still someones child sad,and in alot of pain.

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The APD postings are also on a web. I realize the APD has a lot on its plate and this is not instead of everything else they do. Trust me I personally am there, If these girls are not drug addicted they will be, with her as there director. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Salenias phone is posted for all to call, please call her help end her prey on these girls.

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As for drugs and gangs, we have a drug suppression unit and just started a gang unit. That person gets access to a whole list of APD arrestees.

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Go to Back. Yes I agree these girls need help not public harm. These people still ARE innocent until proven guilty. Just look for escorts look up ID her name is Salenia I know for a fact she has young girls in hotel rooms.

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I have no sympathy for that, but I do have sympathy for the people who live in neighborhoods like South French Broad and the kids at Asheville Middle and the YWCA who have to wade through this every day. Lots of people read the paper copies of the C-T, but the newspaper is also online. Mike February 7, What the hell is "solicit for crimes against nature" anyway? If this is happening around children, yes, by all means clean it up. Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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Asheville News. In a continuing effort to eliminate recurring crimes in Asheville neighborhoods, the Asheville Police Department is launching a new initiative to make the community more aware of prostitution and solicitation arrests made by the APD. The new Asheville Police Blotter will feature: names of the individuals charged; photos of individuals charged; the city of residence; and nature of the offense. Melissa February 7, Melissa February 6, Arrests, aside from those of juveniles, are public record.

I know this because I see her walking up and down the road all the time, smoking cigarettes. Oral Sex, woman on top, anything involving more than 1 partner, anal sex whether hetero or gayanything invloving a same sex partner, etc, etc. Our country is innocent until proven guilty and the actions of the APD along with your support is basically convicting a person in the court of public opinion and shame due to the media technology revolution before an individual has had there day in a legal court which are constitution grants them as one of their rights.

Joan Steiner April 3, James March Asheville, Melissa: While I support local law enforcement and applaud the APD in tackling some very escort issues these days I totally disagree with you and the APD on this shaming polis. Lena February 8, Clocky February 8, What if the APD just posted the photos and names of those who plead or are found guilty?

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The arrest reports are in the Citizen-Times. Article. I have been looking for my daughter and found her on this site, I know there is herion involved and Salina and her son find young scared drug addicted girls and give them herion and a hotel room for sex she profits from their addiction. I understand, but disagree with much of the above sentiment. A to the P February 7, Clocky February 7, Good going, APD.

To answer Jeremy: the sex offender database, with photos, is already online.