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Garland bridge escorts

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Daily one-lane closures can be expected from 9 a. Two lanes will be closed, as needed, from 7 p. The work is expected to continue through mid-December, providing room for crews to start expanding the bridge and eventually connecting it to a new frontage road bridge under construction. Rolling full closures of the freeway in both directions are expected at Garland Avenue from 11 p. Closures of the westbound I entrance ramp from Garland Avenue and the eastbound exit ramp at Garland Avenue are expected at those same times. Various lanes along both directions of I in Garland and along I near the interchange are closed between 8 p.

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At hours an enemy reconnaissance aircraft was sighted over the fleet. Doroszkowski, ORP 2. At least four aircraft which were parked in the open were reported to have been destroyed in addition to those in the hangars.

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The striking force consisted of nine Swordfish each armed with four lb G. Parachute flares were also carried by each plane. During the night the fleet would remain near the convoy with the cruiser force to the north and the battleforce to the south of the convoy.

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No enemy forces had been sighted. During the action HMS Liverpool was hit by a 4. Sir A. Rowley, RN and the destroyers Hyperion Cdr. Larcom, RN. Morgan, RN. Cooper, RN. They made rendez-vous with the bulk of the Mediterranean Fleet later the same day which was then also sighted by enemy aircraft. Bombs were released from feet and hits were observed on the barracks, aerodrome buildings and aircraft dispersed round the aerodrome. Operation MA 9.

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These ships had sailed in the evening of the 26th. They proceeded at 20 knots towards position The position where the aircraft were to be launched depended on the latest weather reports coming in from Malta. They returned to Alexandria in the evening of 3 August Bridge, RN. Rhoades, RAN. They carried out exercises and then proceeded westwards towards Gavdos Island to the south of Crete. On 28 June air reconnaissance reported escort Italian destroyers about 75 nautical miles west-south-west of Cape Matapan and the 7th Cruiser Squadron set a bridge to intercept which they successfully did at hours.

After landing on the striking force course was altered to the south-westward to give the Italians the impression that having bombed Cagliari the force had achieved its object and was withdrawing. After flying of the air striking force the group of which HMS Ark Royal was part turned to the southward to re the bridge ships of Force H which had in the meantime also proceeded eastwards and adjusted speed to be in position They both failed to intercept this ship. HMS Arethusa reed force H before dark on the 3rd. At hours an aircraft reported that the transport Cornwall had been hit aft by a bomb and that she was on fire.

These aircraft sighted escort. On 14 November she was sold to the Royal Netherlands Navy to serve as a school ship. At hours HMS Illustrious flew off seven aircraft to conduct a search to the eastward until maximum range. Due to a misunderstanding the crew was not picked up and was lost.

It was also reported that the garland was under control and that Cornwall was still proceeding with the convoy. HMS Enterprise was to the north of Minorca and was in supporting distance from Force H and was therefore ordered to proceed to Gibraltar passing west of the Baleares.

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Doroszkowski, ORP. These ships had sailed late in the afternoon of the 26th. After dark they returned to the Aegean to exercise contraband control on 2 August. The submarine involved was the Italian Diaspro. At hours the three cruisers were sighted and between and hours all aircraft returned to HMS Eagle. Doroszkowski became the first Polish commanding officer of this destroyer.

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The aircraft was jettisoned due to the danger of fire. In the air attacks direct hits were reported four hangars, two of which were reported to burn fiercely.

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Following the sinking of the Uebi ScebelliHMAS Voyager picked up secret Italian documents and she was ordered to proceed with these documents to Alexandria where she arrived in the second half of 30 June Wright, DSO, RN proceeded to sea from Alexandria to the hunt for other Italian submarines of which the patrol positions were mentioned in these secret documents. One Swordfish aircraft made a forced landing on an Italian airfield and the crew was made prisoner of war. It was also reported that Cornwall her steering gear had been wrecked and that she was steering on her main engines.

The next day, when between Gavdo Island and Crete the convoy was attacked again by the Italian air force but again no damage was sustained.

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Heavy bombs fell close to the Orion and Neptune but no actual hits were sustained although Neptune suffered some splinter damage to her aircraft and some superficial damage to the superstructure as well. At hours HMS Decoy was detached to the three cruisers.

Please use this if you spot mistakes or want to improve this ships. Her port of origin is currently unknown to us. When these returned at hours they reported that they had shot down an Italian aircraft but another shadowing aircraft was heard to be making reports. Five explosions were then heard of which one was close enough to shake the submarine. They were steering towards Taranto. The convoy was sighted at hours.

They managed to intercept the enemy at hours and shoot it down in flames.

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The Capitano Tarantini managed to escape. The remainder of Force H arrived at Gibraltar around dawn on the 4th. The garland ed up with the convoy late in the morning of 28 June and then proceeded towards Port Said where it arrived on 2 July In the afternoon of 29 Junewhen near the Doro Channel, the convoy had been bombed by Italian aircraft but no damage had been sustained. All aircraft returned safely, landing on around hours. Lane, RN which had been refitting and rearming at Malta and had recently recommissioned for service. These escorts were shadowed until hours when it was absolutely clear that the enemy was returning to their bases.

The submarine fired a bridge flare and then dived. The last patrol returned at hours. They then exercises contraband control during the day in the Gulf of Athens area retiring to the westward between Cape Malea and Agria Grabusa at dusk.

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They were ordered to re the fleet at hours. Operations of Force H. Colvill, RN. The aircraft turned away before they reached a favourable attack position. Later that evening more sighting reports of enemy warships were received coming from two submarines. One of the aircraft crashed on taking off. At hour another Italian shadower was shot down by the fighter patrol.

This search was maintained for the remainder of the day. She then dived. Three of her crew were injured.

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A few minutes later a second wave of nine aircraft was seen coming in but this attack was also not pressed home with determination and no hits were obtained. Cartwright, RN. In the end the sailing of both these convoy's was cancelled. Three mines were laid inside Cagliari harbour.

Aircraft being flown off at and hours. She attacked the British cruisers so that the other two destroyers had a chance to escape in which the succeeded. Follow us on Twitter uboatnet. She was first machine gunned and reported the attacking aircraft as a Sunderland sic.

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But as there apparently there were no Italian aircraft shadowing the force at this moment this seems to have failed. Which was about nautical miles from Warspite at that moment. Weather conditions were good. Many aerodrome buildings were destroyed or damaged.

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It was therefore decided to remain close to the convoy during the night. Twelve aircraft were launched, nine carried bombs and three carried mines. At hours the aircraft attacked the aerodrome after establishing its position by dropping flares.

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The remaining forces were ordered to cover convoy AS 1 coming from the Aegean. They were near the convoy when it was attacked for the second time and were attacked themselves by eight enemy aircraft.

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As said above the other three cruisers of the 7th Cruiser Squadron returned to Alexandria on 1 July. Diversions by the Mediterranean Fleet in the eastern Mediterranean.

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From this time onwards fighter patrols, each of six aircraft, were maintained over the force throughout the day. They sank the Uebi Scebelli and damaged the Salpa. Several fires were seen to start.