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Nobody excels at playing ferocious psychopaths with a sensitive side quite like Tom Hardy. Highlights of his performances from the last ten years include an infamously violent felon with an unexpected passion for drawing in Bronson, a brutal mixed-martial arts fighter estranged from his abusive father in Warriorand a terrifying supervillain devoted to a small child in The Dark Knight Rises.

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Explore Wikis Community Central. Determined not to allow his daughter and the 'Ton to become the property of a lowlife criminal such as JoJo, Gilbert plots to take matters into his own hands.

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In an act of desperation, Gil offered his daughter a well-paid position attending the 'Ton's desk, which she emphatically declined. Forum Recent blogs Policies and guidelines Simplified ruleset Image policy.

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Due to its poor location and declining rate of business, the 'Ton Hotel does not have any official employees, instead Gil's daughter, Sandrais charged with maintaining the crumbling building alone whilst her father attends the desk, much to her chagrin. Oracle Philip Riley Mead.

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Gallery [ ]. Background [ ] Although actually the " Hilton Hotel ", the building is often referred to as the 'Ton by its residents and locals, because the first three letters on the are burned out. If Gilbert Renton dies in front of Sandra, she will have a brief dialogue with JC regretting his death.

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Universal Conquest Wiki. Sandra's reckless decisions and precarious situation have left Gilbert an emotional and psychological wreck, as he constantly fears for her safety and ple with her at every turn to stay well clear of JoJo and his thugs. Deus Ex characters Add category. Chad Dumier Nicolette DuClare.

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JC Denton. Cancel Save. Sherman Karyo. The building is inhabited by a myriad of undesirable occupants; junkies, criminals and vermin pass through the 'Ton on a regular basis, and not all are welcomed openly by Gilbert.

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Deus Ex Wiki Explore. Edit source History Talk 0.

Gilbert renton

Register Don't have an ? Although not a politically active individual, Gilbert's perception of the NSF is severely skewed when he finds himself and his beloved 'Ton Hotel in the middle of a hostage crisis brought about by a handful of desperate NSF troopers intent on slowing UNATCO's advance at all costs.

Deus Ex series. New York City.

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Amusingly, this dialogue plays even if JC killed him. Gilbert is forced to have the building condemned, mentioning a new start somewhere far from New York City. Becoming increasingly tired and fed-up with her situation, Sandra abandons her father and the 'Ton, choosing to sell herself on the streets as one of JoJo Fine 's many poorly treated prostitutes.

At a later period, the 'Ton Hotel is once again forcefully occupied, this time by Sandra's former employer, JoJo Fine. Gilbert Renton is the owner and operator of a neglected, old hotel in the middle of crime-ridden Hell's Kitchen. Gilbert Renton. Margaret Williams Thomas Dieter.

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Although actually the " Hilton Hotel ", the building is often referred to as the 'Ton by its residents and locals, because the first three letters on the are burned out. Play Sound. The subsequent firefight involving heavy smallarms and explosives encompasses the entire 'Ton Hotel, leaving the building badly damaged and unsafe for its remaining occupants.