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Georgia Straight guide to Vancouver Writers Fest.

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In Canada, there will be a tremendous backlash against today's decision. The Supreme Court of Canada's unanimous ruling struck down laws against communicating in public to sell sex, living off the avails of prostitution, and keeping a common bawdy house. News Topics. One of Vancouver's most passionate advocates of sex workers was nearly overcome with emotion after the Supreme Court of Canada struck down three prostitution laws.

Just days ago, marriage equality was legalized by judicial review in Utah.

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These exploited women are "sex workers", they say, as if in trades like electrical work, or road work, or yard work. Hamilton added that she wants Mayor Gregor Robertson and city council to issue a "formal apology" for the city's treatment of sex workers in the past. I'm so proud of our country. Hamilton said she found it tremendously gratifying that the chief justice acknowledged her efforts to protect sex workers. Lets hope that society catches up and that no matter what a person does for a living they are treated with respect, not pieces of flesh to be exploited at will.

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And so it's wonderful to get the chief justice [to say] 'that's so true'. Straight Talk: Daily Newsletter. JL Hamilton has nothing to be proud of. I may unsubscribe at any time. She recalled a "street activities bylaw" in the early s, in which police could fine sex workers for practising their trade in the West End.

Hamilton also remembered marching on City Hall in the early s, with other sex workers, who covered their faces with black masks, as they demanded equality.

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Like the Mormons who invested millions in Prop 8, they may win the battle but lose the war. I saw a commercial and asked my husband if I could shave him tonight with a sweet tash he refused You let me in because I forgot my key fob.

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At one level it is all a deception. This decision shows that at least the courts recognizes that a human being is a human being regardless of their status, gender or occupation. Pimps aka madams in some cases, will protect the johns rights.

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Anything that keeps prostitutes addicted and vulnerable is nothing to be proud of. Later, she was charged with keeping a common bawdy house after opening Grandma's House in Vancouver as a refuge for sex workers.

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The women she claims to be working for, the dead and tortured? So-called sex workers' rights advocates want brothels because the johns will be better able to enact thair violence behind closed doors, with security working for them, the john and pimp, not the woman. InHamilton dumped many pairs of shoes on the steps of City Hall to protest inaction Hamiltons the face of a growing of missing women in the Downtown Eastside. This kind of Newspeak is intended to whitewash, to mislead, and to sanitize a dangerous reality. Current law remains in place for a full year. Inthe provincial escort obtained a court injunction forcing sex workers out of the West End.

Hamilton has often argued that this set the stage for sex workers becoming Georgia vulnerable to predators because they were pushed out of a residential area into more industrial zones. No one will hear, no one will complain. Johns will pay more for the unfettered privilege to torture and abuse women. Many progressive women view prostitution as rape, monetized.

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McLachlin's decision noted that Grandma's House was created in response to fears of a serial killer—"fears that materialized in the notorious Robert Pickton. While I don't always agree with Jamie Lee. I have the utmost respect for her committment, dedication and tireless efforts to improve the lot of sex trade workers, the downtrodden and those less fortunate.

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We can move forward now and, I think, work to reduce the harm to make a safer sex trade. JL Hamilton and her fellow 'advocates' may end up bleating the blues, and have no one to blame but themselves. I agree to be contacted by the Georgia Straight. The great majority of prostitutes in the DTES are aboriginal drug addicts, abused by men, and today abused by a legal theory that condemns them to servitude.

Jamie Lee Hamilton told the Straight that she broke down in tears upon learning of the decision by Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin early this morning, thanks to a text from sex worker Sue Davis. Thank you for your patience as we work towards bringing this back.

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Climate and sustainability. McLachlin wrote that all of these laws violate sex workers' constitutional right to security of the person under section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Brand Voices. People like JL Hamilton need to be careful what they wish for. Facebook comments not loading? Get daily newsprebuys and contest updates. Congratulations on a great day, Jamie Lee, and thank you for all your hard work.

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Consider the Orwellian language employed. They died at the hands of the men who paid for the privilege to enact violence, and for her being their poster girl. One can only imagine what Stephen Harper will impose in its stead. Indigenous stories. This woman is no advocate for women, but for the industry that sees women's bodies as disposable and instantly replaceable. Anything that makes it easier for women to be exploited and abused is nothing to be proud of. Please check your browser settings to ensure that it is not blocking Facebook from running on straight.

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She also called on the Vancouver police board to instruct police not to charge people under the three laws. It does nothing to get them out of the life. It's not the location that beats, tortures and murders prostituted women, it's the men who buy the women.

The ruling gives the federal government a year to respond with legislation, if it chooses to do so, which must respect the charter.