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How do i know if i Wyoming a controlling person

Vehicles abandoned on private property in Wyoming or towed by a towing company to a Wyoming location: Vehicles are considered to be abandoned if left on Wyoming private property in excess of 30 consecutive days without the consent of the owner or person in lawful control of the property.

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The owner of feral livestock is responsible for costs associated with this chapter for damage or care of the feral livestock. Unlawful killing of wild horses W. This was ed into law in March of WY - Hunting - Article 4. These Wyoming statutes comprise the state's dog laws. Game and Fish Administration. Any peace officer, agent or officer of the board may lawfully interfere to prevent the perpetration of any act of cruelty upon any livestock animal in his or her presence. Disposition of unclaimed animals in custody of veterinarians; W. It may then be turned over to the nearest humane society or dog pound in the area where it may be disposed of as the shelter sees fit.

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This statute prohibits trespassing to unlawfully collect resource data. If a person convicted of a violation of this section is also the owner of the animal, the court may require the person to forfeit ownership of the animal to the county in which the person is convicted. This chapter concerns cruelty to livestock animals. Order of protection; contents; remedies; order not to affect title to property; conditions.

Any peace officer, agent or officer of the board may lawfully interfere to prevent the perpetration of any act of cruelty upon any livestock animal in his or her presence WY - Dangerous - Article 1. In that section, "predatory animal is defined as any coyote, jackrabbit, porcupine, raccoon, red fox, skunk or stray cat; and gray wolves except where they are deated as trophy game animals.

Trust for care of animal W. The law provides that a trust may be created to provide for the care of an animal alive during the settlor's lifetime. The laws state that every person who confines or causes to be confined any livestock animal under the laws of this state, must supply to the livestock animal during confinement a sufficient quantity of wholesome food and water. Specific horse offenses are detailed, such as taking possession of any horse or mule found running at large on the open range with the intent of working or riding it, and the use of horses by a stable keeper without consent of the owner.

Wyoming statutes

General Provisions as to Civil Actions W. However, actions based upon negligence of the provider wherein the damage, injury or death is not the result of an inherent risk of the sport or recreational opportunity shall be preserved pursuant to W. WY - Feral animals - Chapter Feral Livestock W. Under the chapter, "feral" means a domestic animal that is not under the control of nor cared for by a person and which has returned to a wild or semi-wild state.

WY - Predatory Animals - Chapter 6. This section also contains the management laws for delisted gray wolves that were repealed in Full Site Search. Under the general anti-cruelty part of the law, a person commits misdemeanor cruelty to animals if he or she knowingly overrides an animal or drives an animal when overloaded; unnecessarily or cruelly beats or injures an animal, or carries an animal in a manner that poses undue risk of injury or death. Before livestock can be declared feral, an attempt must be made to locate the owner.

WY - Livestock - Chapter Offenses Concerning Livestock and Other Animals. Keywords or citation Is equal to Is not equal to Contains Contains any word Contains all words Starts with Does not start with Ends with Does not end with Does not contain Length is shorter than Length is longer than Regular expression Not regular expression.

Dangerous Dog Provisions W. Among the provisions include damage done to livestock by dogs, rabies vaccination requirements, and municipal powers to regulate dogs. Any trap or snare found in the field not bearing the name and address of the owner of the trap or snare or the identification ased by the department to the owner of the trap or snare may be confiscated by any employee of the department.

Taking eagle prohibited W. Such a taking constitutes a high misdemeanor.

Wyoming gun laws

Felony cruelty involves acts like animal fighting offenses and shooting, poisoning, or intentionally killing or seriously injuring livestock or domesticated animals. Certain trapping devices unlawful; game for bait prohibited; W. It is illegal to take or use a game animal to bait a trap or to poison any wildlife. WY - Initiative - Right to Hunt, Fish and Trap, Amendment B Amendment B The adoption of this amendment will recognize and preserve the heritage of Wyoming citizens' opportunity to fish, hunt and trap wildlife, subject to regulation as prescribed by law.

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Aquatic Invasive Species W. No one may launch any conveyance without first complying with aquatic invasive species prevention requirements. However, it is a "low misdemeanor" to tamper with or remove any trap or snare set or maintained in compliance with this act or release a furbearer or predator found in a legal trap. It was passed by WY - Invasive Species - Article 2. Trespassing to Unlawfully Collect Resource Data. Miscellaneous Acts Prohibited hunter harassment W. Included is the state's hunter harassment law, which provides that no person shall with the intent to prevent or hinder the lawful taking of any wildlife.

However, any dog attacking any person in a vicious manner may be impounded by the county sheriff or animal control officer and held in quarantine for at least fifteen 15 days and not more than twenty 20 days after the attack to determine whether the dog has any disease which may be communicated to humans. Violation is a "low misdemeanor. Dangerous Dog Provisions. Game Bird Farms. WY - Grizzly Bear - Article Grizzly Bear Relocation W. The press release must provide the date and location of the relocation, and the of bears to be relocated.

Article 3 outlines the Wyoming animal damage management program. The section also provides that officers and agents of the Wyoming livestock board must be provided with a certificate and badge. WY - Veterinary - Chapter Veterinarians W. Among the provisions include licensing requirements, laws concerning the state veterinary board, veterinary records laws, and the laws governing disciplinary actions for impaired or incompetent practitioners. Predatory Animals. Order of protection; contents; remedies; order not to affect title to property; conditions W.

Subpart a ix grants sole possession of any household pet, as defined in W. In addition, under subpart a xthe court may order that the respondent not have contact with the household pet s in the custody of the petitioner and prohibit the respondent from abducting, removing, concealing or disposing of the household pet if the order is for the purpose of protecting the household pet.

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A board of county commissioners may enact regulations relative to dogs running at large, vicious dogs, dogs running wild game or livestock or acts by other animals which shall carry out the purposes of this section. The trust terminates upon the death of the last animal named in the trust. Any landowner or his agent may inspect any trap or snare set on his property, may remove the trap or snare and may release or remove from the trap or snare any wildlife which has not been taken lawfully. If the owner cannot be located, the director of the Wyoming livestock board or state veterinarian can then capture or dispose of any feral livestock damaging public or private property, and destroy any feral livestock thought to be infected with disease.

The second article of the chapter outlines the composition and function of the state predator management advisory board. Taking eagle prohibited. Wyoming amended its cruelty law in early to include the new offense of "household pet animal cruelty" described in subpart p. WY - Wildlife, exotic hybrid - Chapter 1.

Health department

A dog injuring or killing livestock may be killed by the owner of the livestock or his agent or any peace officer. InWyoming amended its domestic violence protection order law by adding subparts a ix and a x. The neglect component provides that person who has charge and custody of any animal and unnecessarily fails to provide it with the proper food, drink or protection from the weather, or cruelly abandons the animal, or fails to provide the animal with appropriate medical care is also guilty of cruelty.

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WY - Dangerous - Article 1. Exotic species means any wild animals, including amphibians, reptiles, mollusks, crustaceans or birds not found in a wild, free or unconfined status in Wyoming. Public nuisance; notice; penalties; rules and regulations; W.

Dogs or other animals, whose ownership cannot be determined, may be destroyed. WY - Cruelty, livestock - Chapter Protection of Livestock Animals. This Wyoming statutes prohibits the taking of an eagle unless the taking is authorized by federal law. It further provides that there is no private ownership of live animals classified in this act as big or trophy game animals.

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WY - Fur - Article 3. In General.

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WY - Hunting - Article 1. This Wyoming statute provides that every person, firm, copartnership, corporation or company owning any dog, which to his knowledge has killed sheep or other livestock, shall exterminate and destroy the dog.

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The following statutes comprise the state's relevant assistance animal and service animal laws. Collecting resource data is done by entering onto open land without an ownership interest or permission to collect information or photograph resource data including animal species. A violation is a high misdemeanor.

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