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How do you Charlotte North Carolina NC with a passive aggressive person

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Unfortunately, the term is applied so broadly that it serves little but to reinforce our belief that the other person is the problem and that things would be fine if only they would change or seek professional help. But waiting for others to change seldom produces the we would like, so how else can we deal with those we may experience as passive-aggressive? The key lies in understanding the motivation for their behaviour and cultivating an atmosphere that supports dialogue and resolution. The origin of the term has been attributed to the US Department of Defense to describe a soldier who was not openly insubordinate but shirked duty through incompetence or procrastination.

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Researchers asked undergraduates to evaluate a text exchange that included an innocent question and the answer "Yup. So people thought 'Yup' with a period was less friendly, less sincere, and so on.

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Klin said the entire debate demonstrates that language is constantly changing — and that's OK. Danny Hensel. While Kravis is relatively zen when it comes to the period, for others, the thought of texting without it can be enraging. I don't remember exactly what it said.

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Now it can be used to indicate seriousness or a sense of finality. But in text messaging — at least for younger adults — periods do more than just end a sentence: they also can set a tone.

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And when he came home, he walked in the door and he came over and he said, 'What did you mean by this? Our language has evolved, and "what we have done with our incredible linguistic genius is found ways to insert that kind of emotional, interpersonal information into texting using what we have," said Klin.

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That doesn't mean the period has lost all purpose in text messaging. All Streams. Isabelle Kravis, 18, a student at American University, says it depends on the context of the conversation.

Are your texts passive-aggressive? the answer may lie in your punctuation

How could an innocuous text message send confusion? The Denver-based writer had sent her high school-aged son a text message about logistics — coming home from school. Not everyone shares that view. Special Coverage.

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A study conducted by Klin confirmed as much. I thought you were really angry! By Danny Hensel. Charlotte Talks.

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Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. So people have repurposed the period to mean something else. Gretchen McCulloch, a linguist and author of the book Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Languagetold NPR's All Things Considered last year that when it comes to text messaging, the period has lost its original purpose because rather needing a symbol to indicate the end of a sentence, you can simply hit send on your message. What's going on?

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Emma Gometz, a biology student at Columbia University, said the phenomenon can feel especially harsh when the message is brief, like a lone word followed by a period. Next Up:. Available On Air Stations.

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Show Search Search Query. Katherine Rooks remembers when she first learned that a punctuation mark could wield a lot of power. Kalina Newman, 23, a communications coordinator for the AFL-CIO, said, "It's in the same vein of somebody saying, 'We need to talk,' and then not saying what they want to talk about.

Copyright NPR. Search Query Show Search. Play Live Radio. Like, did I do something wrong? Klin said that her texting study sparked outrage among many.

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See stories by Danny Hensel. Binghamton University psychology professor Celia Klin says a period can inadvertently set a tone, because while text messaging may function like speech, it lacks many of the expressive features of face-to-face verbal communication, like "facial expressions, tone of voice, our ability to elongate words, to say some things louder, to pause.

But caution is needed, said McCulloch, noting that problems can start to arise when you combine a period with a positive sentiment, such as "Sure" or "Sounds good.

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