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Allegations that New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer met with a high-priced prostitute have shined a fresh light on the most expensive side of the world's oldest profession. Former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss told ABC News that for rich, busy men, the convenience and predictability of using expensive prostitution rings are worth the price.

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Created by FindLaw's team of legal writers and editors Last updated June 20, Even though prostitution is often called "the world's oldest profession," prostitution is currently illegal in every state except Nevada. The basic definition of prostitution is the exchanging of sex for money. A crime that is related to prostitution is solicitation. Solicitation is the act of asking or encouraging another person to engage in criminal conduct.

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Simon prefers to see the same woman because he is more relaxed with her than he would be with someone new. But it hasn't stopped him regularly visiting the same woman over the last few years. It felt really romantic, it felt like we were condensing a relationship into just a couple of minutes. He says sex in his marriage lacked "a bit of excitement". Some are motivated by a desire for female companionship as much as the sex itself.

Reflecting on his relationships and painful breakups, he wondered: "Maybe you don't need to do any of that. He hopes to be in another relationship again one day. Maybe you can pay and have these just incredible moments of spontaneous, all over in half an hour… just… magic. Simon, a shy man, has never found meeting women easy.

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The sex in the marriage wasn't quite as good, shall we say. She turned to Graham. Is there anything wrong with selling sex? Most people think of male prostitution as dangerous, degrading and exploitative work. He says the second time he paid for sex wasn't the same.

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He describes himself as "a bit of an exhibitionist" and a "voyeur" and has arranged sex parties with groups. While Robert sees paying for sex as a way to preserve his marriage, Graham, in his 30s, thought it might be a way to avoid the complexity of relationships altogether.

But if they go away for a holiday, he pays the going rate. But there are some who are attempting to reinvent it as a profession free of stigma by using all the tools of modern business. Like any couple they have their ups and downs. He says it was like a first date, "getting to know each other, sounding each other out. They argue that, if sex work was decriminalised and destigmatised, the associated problems would mostly disappear. The woman seemed "melancholy. And I realised at that time I was having sex with a drug addict. Related Topics.

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Does it bother him that Laura sees other clients? All this lustre that I'd seen before, everything had seemed a little exotic, suddenly seemed dirty. More from the Magazine. For the first 30 years of his life, former civil servant Graham thought he would never be the sort of man who would pay for sex. Fred and Laura go on walks, take weekend breaks away, amble round markets and often have meals out. Robert squirrels away as much money as he can to buy sex.

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But he started paying for sex long before he met her. He followed her to a red-lit booth and spent half an hour with her, chatting and having sex. Fred pays Laura to spend time with him, and have sex with him. Or listen afterwards on BBC iPlayer. Some names have been changed.

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Amid the debate, however, one question is rarely asked - what motivates men to pay women to sleep with them? They have a laugh together over things they've seen on TV. But they can fight and argue too. But he was never comfortable with his decision. He says he didn't have a chance to meet people - so decided to pay for sex. The women who pay for sex Robert, however, is motivated by more than a need for intimacy.

After Graham's first encounter in the red light district in Amsterdam, he was keen to recreate the experience. The third time put him off for life.

Iowa prostitution and solicitation laws: related resources

I felt just ghastly. Simon has had a couple of girlfriends in the last few years and while in those relationships, he says he stopped paying for sex. At 29 he decided to lose his virginity by paying for sex. In Fred's kitchen, while he prepares the evening meal, Laura sits and giggles, admitting it was a good job she wasn't the one cooking.

Iowa prostitution and solicitation statute

There's a stereotypical image of the kind of men who go to prostitutes. But one weekend in Amsterdam he found himself walking the streets of the red light district with some men he had just met.

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His family and friends are kept in the dark about the other side of him. Fred lives in a remote rural area and for many years he was a full-time carer, looking after his mother. The debate about whether there's something wrong with buying sex, and whether it should be illegal, is heated and unresolved. In every other way we got on like a house on fire, but just not in bed. Brian, who is in his 50s, says he is happily married.

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The ethical maze of prostitution. But although he knows her quite well, he says he is under no illusions. He explained how he had known Laura so long, they often meet as friends. He admits he is more than a little bit in love with her. In Fred's kitchen, we watched him fuss over dinner. Yet sex workers often say they don't sell their bodies but, like other workers, simply put a price on their talents and skills.

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The escorts who want to rebrand male prostitution And it's not just men who pay prostitutes to sleep with them. Image source, Getty Images. They have been seeing each other for six years. But how do they explain paying for sex?

The ethical maze of prostitution

He pays for sex to satisfy his fantasies. He says the woman was cold and harsh, and the room felt like a doctors surgery. The issue of prostitution is still a heated and unresolved debate in the UK. Image source, Thinkstock. For some women, paying for sex is more convenient than cruising bars and clubs trying to find men.

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A girl beckoned them, but two of the men dismissed her. The idea that human beings could be for sale is ethically controversial.

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The red light district in Amsterdam is Europe's most famous location for legal prostitution. Robert has been married for many years. Brian says he le a double life. But they're not like most couples.