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Each bag had all kinds of goodies, including warm socks, hand lotion, toothpaste and other items! National Disability Employment Awareness Month is the time to promote inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce. Now more than ever you have the power to seek a quality company. Thank you Simply Healthcare for giving back on a year round basis to the individuals and families we serve in this community!

Yes, I sure can do that, boss. Remember that many of these people in need of care want to participate in society, independently, and continue or pursue employment. Amplify my situation bypeople. At ONB, I serve as a Diversity and Inclusion Outreach Specialist, where I work to create a more inclusive atmosphere for people with disabilities both within our company and the communities we serve. As our elected leaders in Washington squabble over the important details that should be included in the massive and impactful Infrastructure Bill, thousands of Americans with disabilities hold their breath.

I have a spinal cord injury. Be you and everything else will fall into place.

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What I can do. My day job as a Diversity and Inclusion Outreach Specialist at Old National Bank, working to create a more inclusive atmosphere for people with disabilities in our company and the communities we serve. As a personal example, in life I must advocate my needs to my caregivers, whether family, friends or a home healthcare worker. Speaking of jobs, during my ambassadorship, I created a nice bond with the public relations team at Easterseals. A year-old mother is caring for her year-old son with quadriplegia.

We do life a little differently. So, we must be our own advocates to teach others about what we need to be successful. Therefore, I believe my disability has naturally made me — I think — into a better and stronger advocate for myself and the people I serve in the First Ward as a Councilman. We are fathers, daughters, and nieces.

He shares with us his thoughts on National Disability Employment Awareness Month and why companies must include disability in their diversity and inclusion efforts.

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My employer, Old National Bank has been incredibly flexible with me throughout the pandemic. Why should companies consider this untapped market? The last example is personal.

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Sometimes caregivers get sick. Be bold. Did I hear you have another job as well? We navigate a world that was not created for us. As we know, people with disabilities — specifically those with mobility challenges — have issues with access to reliable transportation and in many cases reliable caregivers. I must kindly instruct them to scratch my nose, to check if a shoe is put on correctly, or how to properly restart my computer after it crashes. Prior to the pandemic, there is no way I would be asked to handle business development relationships, as the old school rule was coffee, lunches, and dinners.

They realized a public relations job would be a nice fit before I had my public relations epiphany. The travel nightmare is no longer such a serious detriment to fulfilling my career. And, a part-time job as a City Councilman for the City of Evansville.

Lots of travel. What is your current position at Old National Bank? Now back to the infrastructure bill. An year-old grandmother is caring for her elderly husband with dementia.

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Not only am I able to utilize my passion for advocacy to benefit the people of the First Ward whom I represent I was able to harness my competitive nature to beat the other guy in the election! On January 6,Simply Healthcare volunteers generously took their time to put together and deliver care packages to our seniors in our Kendall, Hialeah and Pembroke Pines locations.

I rely upon my year-old mother for almost around-the-clock care. Be you. It is the best time of the year to share success stories, demystify myths, and inspire companies and their leaders to become more inclusive.

You have the power to prove your abilities.

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If you include us, we will help you Olina problems, we will help you better connect to potential clients, and we will welcome you in as friends and family. How do you think the pandemic has affected the employment status of people with disabilities? I run point on Achieve Ability, a program that pairs aspiring professionals with disabilities with leaders at ONB for a month mentoring relationship.

Nearlypeople — elderly and disabled — are waiting for home healthcare. Which job should I describe? Overall, employers have realized that remote work works. Do a quick Google search on the definition of infrastructure. There has been an equality reckoning in the Pembroke decade, specifically in the last three years. That means that a sarcastic, passionate quadriplegic from Indiana can participate in a business development pine with a potential partner in Minnesota — no questions asked. For the employer community, some can brag about how inclusive their workforce is already, and some can utilize this month to learn from the leaders in the industry by reading stories and attending webinars.

We are travelers, customers, and teammates. As our elected leaders in Washington squabble over the important details that should be included in …. Amplify my situation by thebrothers, sisters, mothers and grandparents that will have to care for their family members. True story! Our society is not entirely trained to work with and understand people with disabilities. Life happens. While we have a wonderful home healthcare agency that provides us with a nurse throughout the day, we have no evening coverage. He said with a smile. The thoughtful escort brought smiles to each of their faces!

So, when the opportunity presented itself to run for a City Council position — I was in. What are some of the best things about hiring people with disabilities?

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Therefore, it can be a difficult task to travel to work as consistently as an able-bodied human. You see, this is the first time we have hope for the future for our immediate healthcare needs. It happens! We are just like anyone else trying to be successful in the world!

We are a large part of society that understands adversity. Personally, I work two jobs. Miami, FL Fax. Media Contact: Nanette Molina nmolina sfl. We have found a way to do and accomplish, each and every day. The flexibility of remote work has made it easier for me — and many others — to continue to participate fully in my duties at ONB. Not only have I used Easterseals for physical therapy since my injury, which has kept me healthy and motivated, I had a life-changing experience as a National Ambassador for Easterseals in As an ambassador, I traveled across the US to advocate on behalf of Easterseals, and people and families of those with disabilities.

While on the job, I find myself teaching my manager and coworkers about what life is like for a person with a disability. Ask questions.

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So, we have gone without. Our goal with Achieve Ability is to empower people with disabilities through a deep and meaningful relationship with a leader at Old National Bank. The relationship came full circle! We are resilient. Contact your Senators, urge them to include funding for home healthcare. At a time when I was still in college, figuring out what I wanted to do with my life, this experience helped me realize I wanted to be in a position of advocacy, and a role that worked to influence people positively.

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