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Prostitution in Mesa AZ is legal

It really is hard to believe. Generally speaking, crimes involving sexual offenses fall within the scope of Title 13, Chapter 14 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. If convicted of a sex crime, in most cases you are facing a felony conviction, potential prison, a possibility of LIFETIME probation, and registration as a sex offender.

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Mesa will require licensing and background checks for escorts and escort-service bureaus to help discourage sex-trafficking enterprises. The new ordinance that will take effect early next year comes in response to a growing trend of illicit providers advertising escorts as a front for prostitution and organized sex-trafficking, according to Mesa police officials, who proposed the change. Mesa currently requires licensing for any sexually-oriented business. However, Mesa police officials recommended an ordinance that is more specific to the industry, which will "help negate the unlawful and unprofessional practices that are committed by certain elements of the escort industry,'' according to the report. Unfortunately, it's in our community,'' said Councilman Kevin Thompson, referring to sex-trafficking enterprises.

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Many of the prostitution charges in Arizona can be defended by proving that a person was entrapped. Usually, this involves the exchange of money for sexual services.

Necessary elements of prostitution charges in mesa

These rights assert that those accused of a crime are not required to self-incriminate or provide a confession without having access to legal counsel. This defense is one we can use if no deal actually took place and involves investigating to determine if there was an actual exchange of money. The entrapment defense can be used when a law enforcement officer used their position to coerce a person into a situation that would not have occurred under normal circumstances.

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These sentences escalate according to the amount of convictions a person holds on their historical record. Every person accused of a crime is protected under the Bill of Rights and must be made aware of their Miranda rights.

What is the difference between escorts and prostitution?

Before charges of prostitution can be issued, it is also necessary for money to change hands or physical contact to take place. Prostitution is not legal in Arizona and those who face prostitution charges in Arizona should understand that the penalties for a conviction will increase every time they are faced with new charges.

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There are also numerous mistakes that can be made during a criminal investigation that include false identification, false police reports and statements, and incorrect analysis of a crime scene. Throughout Phoenix and the entire state of Arizona, statutes exist that prohibit prostitution.

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Here is what you can expect with multiple convictions:. Once a person has reached their fourth allegeable historical conviction, the charges of prostitution will be elevated to a class five felony.

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If you have been charged with Prostitution in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, or anywhere in Arizona, give us a call for a free case review. After these penalties have been met, a first-time offender should then expect to serve up to three years of probation during which they will attend classes and counseling sessions pertinent to a prostitution conviction.

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If you are facing prostitution chargesthen we can help you defend your case and in some cases even have the charges dropped. For a first-time offense charged by either the city of Phoenix or the state of Arizona, conviction in a penalty of 15 days of mandatory time served in jail with the maximum amount for a sentence not to exceed 6 months. For people who have prior charges of prostitution, the maximum sentence imposed can be extended.

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Otherwise, a court cannot determine if the alleged crime occurred because without an actual action, it could be claimed that the defendant was merely engaging in a verbal exchange. This can be punished with a minimum sentence of days served in a prison facility that can be extended to two and one-half years.

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Often, law enforcement officers jump the gun and charge a person with a crime without proof that a person intended to engage in an illegal act. Contact the Law Offices of David Cantor to schedule a Free Case Consultation today ator you can fill out our confidential form and an attorney will contact you.

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If you have been charged with Soliciting a Prostitute. Watch this short video of David explaining Charged with Prostitution in Arizona :.

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Often, law enforcement officers utilize strategies in their investigations that can be determined to be illegal in a court of law. When we work with clients facing prostitution chargeswe thoroughly investigate every aspect of the alleged crime to identify flaws that can be used to defend our clients.