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What do you call a person from Connecticut

Some of the features on CT.

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Officially the "Constitution State," Connecticut's unofficial nickname is the "Nutmeg State"— but why? This nickname was given to Connecticut "because its early inhabitants had the reputation of being so ingenious and shrewd that they were able to make and sell wooden nutmegs. But there is no proof that New England sellers actually sold wooden nutmegs.

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To Top. Buy a steamed hamburger in Meriden. People who have it rush through the syllables, especially in the middle of a sentence, mushing them into incomprehensibility.

The non-connecticut accent

People who live near or work in or escaped from Noo Yawk are more likely to talk like Cuba Gooding, Jr. He lives in Greenwich, by the way. Poor old Connecticut, invaded every day by thousands of Noo Yawkers and Bahstonians.

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. Or ask someone to complete this series: 84, 91, Or if they say NEW Haven. The Central Connecticut accent has a distinct mumble.

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The pride of Westport. One easy way to tell if someone grew up in Connecticut: ask them to identify a submarine sandwich and a yard sale. But beyond all those muddled dialect boundaries, there is a place where a Connecticut accent survives: Somewhere from south of Hartford to somewhere north of Springfield which started out in Connecticut. Ironically, network newscasters used to talk as if they grew up in Hartford or Springfield. The rest of New England tends to view Connecticut with suspicion.

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Connecticut has the worst taxes in the world, yes sir. Pre-Greenwich Pedro Martinez.

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If they say grinder or tag sale. Instead of block they say black. Those places are where New Yorkers buy antiques, keep their weekend home and send their kid to prep school. Instead of busses they say bosses. Listen to them here.

The connecticut accent, or does connecticut even have one?

This story was updated in New England Historical Society. You can get them going in whatever Connecticut accent they prefer by saying one word: Taxes.

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She once had a heavy Joisey New Jersey accent, but worked to get rid of it. Starting around the s, New England prep schools had taught students to speak with a quasi-British accent.

State resident names

Phonologists call it Inland Northern American English. A game where people try to turn jumbled letters into intelligible words. So Connecticut has non-rhotic speakers in the northeast and southwest.

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People who live in Northeast Connecticut tend to talk more like Bostonians. A big part of living in Connecticut is knowing which wealthy town which wealthy celebrity lives in. Latinos make up about 40 percent of the population of Hartford, the fourth poorest city in the U.

The same goes for Bridgeport and New Britain.

9 phrases that will make you swear connecticutians have their own language

Want to speak like a Bostonian? Recommended for you.

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They come mostly from Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic and they have distinct dialects and slang. On the video we learn that because of the parking problems at CCSU, students risk getting a ticket or showing up to class late. And instead of more they say mawhr.

Why is connecticut called 'the nutmeg state'?

Connecticut accent likely pronounced here. Listen to Pedro Martinez, a Dominican, here. Mark Twain lived in Hartford. Throughout the state it has manufactured Mid-Atlantic accents in the tony towns away from the gritty urban East Coast Latino English. In Connecticut, lobster rolls have butter.

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They eat their consonants and flatten out their pitch. He lives in Greenwich. After all, half the state roots for the Yankees and the Giants. Those city accents resembled those of such Great Lakes cities as Buffalo, Rochester or Cleveland which used to belong to Connecticut.

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